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Johnny Brooks is an emphatic rapper, singer, songwriter and producer.  Known for his unpredictability in melodic and lyrical delivery, Johnny Brooks has the storytelling ability to captivate his listeners along with a mellifluous vocal tone seemingly built to draw the ears of a tough audience. J. Brooks is versatile and catchy in his selection and approach of choruses as well as verses ranging from energetic upbeat cadences to cool 808 slow jams. 

His first release of 2018, "Thoughts Never Die II" on April 20 is an intoxicating reminder of the unpredictable and suspenseful nature of J.Brooks. His level of depth and creativity regarding storytelling ability invokes in the listener an addicting desire for more. After being exposed to J, Brooks's previous project:"Thoughts Never Die" it is easy to see that his versatility has no cap.   "On My Mind" released in March of 2020 is a tropical delight to the listeners ears reminding us of Brooks's creative depths. His single release in March of 2021, "Quiet" has effortlessly demonstrated the bursts of energy and life in Brooks's music through highs and lows, strength and vulnerability. Check out Johnny Brooks's latest single release "Landscape" on September 3, 2022.


"Having spent time both in the 305 and St. Maarten, the young rap upstart has a rich knowledge of music from all genres. He can knock out club bangers and still deliver tongue-twisting verses when it's time to show out with the rhymes. Earlier this year, he debuted his project to the masses and spoke to VIBE about his early days and his musical mission."

 -  Mikey Fresh, Senior Music Editor, VIBE

"With the influx of rapper/singer hybrids and the abuse of digital audio effects, it’s hard to distinguish who can really harmonize. But Miami’s very own Johnny Brooks is definitely in a lane of his own."

 - Devon Anthony, Music Editor, VIBE

"Johnny Brooks has been storming the scene with his slick sound and edgy lyrics."

 - Aurora Dominguez, Music Editor, ARENA







Now accepting bookings for 2022.To book Johnny for an event, house concert or festival, contact us via email for any inquiries. 


What Do You Want -
Johnny Brooks
Till Then -
Johnny Brooks
Every Night - Johnny Brooks


-Johnny Brooks

What Do You Want - Johnny Brooks

Every Night - Johnny Brooks
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Reign On It -
 Johnny Brooks

Makaveli -
Johnny Brooks

Till Then -
Johnny Brooks

Faded -
Johnny Brooks

Never Look Back - Johnny Brooks

Way You Move - Johnny Brooks

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